Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hope in "A Word"

One of the things I really like about myself is that I really don't have one "type" of friend that I enjoy being with.  I am thankful that I have a vast array of friends with different... every-things! I learn from people and have constantly been humbled whenever I'm foolish enough to start to make a stereotype.  

I have a newer friend I met a little over a year ago who has been such a blessing in my life. She is a VERY spiritual person. Her roots in her faith have come from a more Charismatic/Pentecostal experience.  Things like, speaking in "tongues", visions, dreams, prophesying to one another.. are things that she is more comfortable with. My experience tends to be more of a "that just does not exist, so we don't talk about it" type of background. Even though I have always appreciated the mysticism that is God working all around us, all the time!

  I love how she sees almost every situation in her life as a message from God. She is NOT a nut-job though, she understands that there are people who can handle certain things and people who cannot.  Discernment is a gift that I feel we both share.  She is ALWAYS looking for the REAL, deeper meaning in things of life. I also enjoy this, so
I feel we were a match made in Heaven! 

We had an amazing conversation one afternoon. Part of the conversation involved her sharing a dream she had with me and I explained to her what I felt it meant.  Which resulted in both of us crying and praying together.  Weird, huh?  It actually was quite beautiful and resulted in me having some major healing done in my own heart that was desperately needed! 

Well, a week or so later she was apparently thinking about me and wrote me a quick note asking if I had "A WORD" for her.  I knew what she meant... "Had she been on my mind as well, and if so, what might the Lord be wanting me to share with her?"   I had nothing pushing my heart and replied with a half teasing... "Uhhhhh, Jesus loves you?!"   I remembered watching the 700 Club on television and how they would pray on the show and often say something like, "I have a "word of knowledge" about a person who is being healed right now of Kidney Stones!"  I always though how fake and silly that seemed.  There are a lot of fakers out there for sure, but most legends have been formed from facts. 

I pondered at the differences in the way my friend and I were shaped from our faith experiences. Not to laugh at her in any way... but the fact that I am so programmed against anything that might be "whooo-whooo spirituality". I was very thankful for the fact that God broadens my horizons because I seek Him everywhere and He keeps bringing these AMAZING people and experiences to my life!!

My friend and I had another time together to share insight with each other and what God may be up to in these messes of ours we call, life! It really was an amazing conversation. I remember driving home and just thanking God again for allowing me to have such amazing conversations with people who also love Him deeply.  

I got home and shared all these musings with my husband. I included my thoughts on "A Word" and the example of how they would always pray that way on the 700 Club.  He said to me, "You know, that's interesting that you say that. Tonight while Holly (our 10 year old) was praying, she prayed for Gloria (who is a child we sponsor from Africa).  Holly started praying that Gloria would feel better.  When we were done praying, she told me that she just felt like Gloria is sick and that she just really needed to pray for her to get better."  

Frank and I have never "taught" Holly to pray like that, neither do we pray with "words of knowledge" ever, we don't go to a "whooo-whooo spiritual church" that she learned it from... it was just something that came to Holly's heart to do. Was Gloria really sick?  Was this a genuine thing that God spoke into Holly's heart to somehow miraculously bring healing to a little girl half way around the globe?  I don't know. But I DO know that Jesus continues to make Himself bigger and bigger and bigger to my little girl heart that never wants to give up on the "Deeper Magic" of the power of God.

This song I'm linking here really describes how I always have felt about my Father in Heaven.  "I Don't Want to Box You In."  Is INDEED the prayer of my heart.    


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  1. Love this!! In all my raw experience with God, I am a firm believer in the Deep Magic of His working in our lives. I think that sometimes a person's pride gets the best of them, when they don't have any insight into something and that make fake claims to keep the attention of others. We need to be very careful of this kind of practice.


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