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Hope For Me When I Just Want To Tell Mark Driscoll To Shut Up Already!!!

A friend posted a video of a pastor-type that I've followed for some time now.  Mark Driscoll.  If you don't know who he is, good lord, save yourself!!! Move on and do not read this! 
Ignorance CAN sometimes be bliss.
I just have to tell you the dude drives me insane!

Here is a much shorter video of a classic Driscoll way of thinking. Which I'm SURE was "taken out of context"... NOT.
This was a sermon he preached shortly after firing a couple of his elders at his mega church...
He has a lot of power. Too much power.

Here is the video I mentioned at the beginning of this blog. It's where he is answering some other pastor guy's questions to him... on YouTube.

It's long and you don't have to watch it to catch the gist of my venting....
I'm going to criticize a bit here.
Please forgive me my humanity.

You know...

I don't think Jesus CARES how cleverly Driscoll is able to decipher the so called "inerrant Word", so that he can figure out how to have permission to be THAT obnoxious and "poke fun" at other people's idea of Jesus.
(Inerrant Word = one of those doctrines you HAVE to have right to know the "correct Jesus" btw.)
I just don't think Jesus CARES if we believe he is Michael the archangel or if he's the polygamous  brother of lucifer... or a New Age Mamby Pamby boy or WHAT EVER we ALL get wrong about the Person and Mystery of Jesus....

I don't think Jesus CARES that Driscoll can use big phrases like "Reductio ad Absurdum" that I'm pretty sure he had to google just as I did!

I don't think Jesus CARES how eloquently Driscoll defends his position to other theology toting gurus...

I don't think Jesus CARES about the size of Driscoll's churches. 

I don't think Jesus CARES that Driscoll has such a talent for being so arrogant and full of pride, while making it sound all "loving" and like he's "at peace with all men" just like Paul the Apostle. Who actually was NOT always at peace with all men and probably learned to regret much of that later in life like we ALL do!

I don't think Jesus CARES that Driscoll considers himself accountable for other peoples' spiritual life or how many MALES he can get to "love" Driscoll's Jesus in the Driscoll Way or that he considers himself a "missionary".

I also don't think Jesus CARES about how much this guy aggravates me to the core of my being.

I think...
Jesus CARES about Love.
I think He cares about our JOY, our HOPE and our PEACE.
I think He CARES about the "Least" of these.
For me, that would be ole Mark Driscoll!

You know, the hardest part for me is that I don't know why this guy gets under my skin so much!??  Shouldn't I be able to live and let live, like I want Mark Driscoll to do??

Maybe it bothers me because in the past I have been thrown under the bus of "church corporation".  I have been silenced by the Mark Driscoll power monger types who need desperately to make sure only *their* message of Jesus gets shared. I have been hurt by people like him.

Or maybe it bothers me so because I still DO believe in the risen Jesus...
I still hold to that Jesus that touched my heart when I was 6 or 7 years old.
Before religion came in and had to try to "define" that!

The Jesus whom, yes, I read about in the bible.

The Jesus who stuck with me even when I stopped believing a lot of things religion wanted me to believe.

The Jesus who has been there at my very darkest moments when NO ONE else was and I was completely ready to give up!

The Jesus who KNOWS me... better than I know myself and LOVES me.

The Jesus who asks me to Love others as I Love myself! Who asks me to forgive my enemies.

Yes... that would be MY Jesus... and YOU, don't have to have MY Jesus! If only I could start caring more about those things "my" Jesus cares about...

Maybe I'm just as arrogant as I feel Mark Driscoll is?

Maybe I get just as angry as ole Driscoll gets because I feel he twists Jesus into some creepy bully god, that is just ready to drop you if you don't get it "RIGHT".

I would LOVE to ignore Mark Driscoll... like he says we should in this video!! He just makes that sort of hard when he's shoving his Jesus down people's throats like a big bully who will beat you up at school because you're not wearing the right shoes!

So is there Hope for Mark Driscoll?
Is there Hope for me?? 
I'm going to go ahead and say YES!!
Even if Mark Driscoll and people like him might like me to worry about and doubt that!

Thanks for letting me vent.
I feel better.
PS my Jesus lets me vent too!

Sometimes you get to see things unfold before your eyes.  Other times you do not.  But since I wrote this blog some things have unfolded in a big way with Mark Driscoll and his church.

See link:
Driscoll urged to leave Mars Hill church

Then... He resigned from Mars Hill.
Driscoll resigns from Mars Hill

Then, he makes his first appearance a couple days later...
Driscoll speaks at big conference after resigning at Mars Hill

I have to say that I feel horrible at the persecution his family has been facing. Yet, his little speech and this whole scene didn't sit right with me.

  One of the things that bothered me is that a ton of people applaud him and support him... but how about all the people HE caused harm to?  Why aren't THEY there speaking?

Here are a couple articles that sort of nailed why his little speech did not help me.
Opinions on Mark's comeback speech.

and another, with a little humor thrown in, but poignant nonetheless...
Cartoon and thoughts on Driscolls speech
Like I've stated in this blog, I have faced some spiritual abuse in similar ways that Mark Driscoll and his club liked to dole it out all in the name of being "biblical". I also know countless others who have had the church bus drive right over them and keep going. So I have to admit a sense of relief for the fact that some of this is being revealed.

Many Christians see this whole thing playing out as "satan"' trying to destroy the church.  But I guess I see it more as God (Who IS Love) revealing what Love is and what it is NOT.
For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

"Love is patient, Love is Kind ect..."
It gives me Hope.

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