Friday, January 10, 2014

Hope in The Healing

"My wish for you is that you are held, witnessed and appreciated for all that you are in a way that heals all the times that you weren't.
May you be totally seen, heard, and cherished.
May you be so adored, that all your hurt and longing is forever washed away in a flood of endless love, flowing over from deep within your heart.
And may you find a way to truly make the best of every experience,
in the spirit of continuously improving the quality of your life,
and the quality of the people in it.
May you choose to only go up from here." ~ Thierry Maurel

Suffering a wound is a terrible thing. There can be deep wounds or multiple wounds over time. They can occur in many different ways. Two people can be stabbed with the exact same knife in the exact same proximity of their body and have completely different damage done and completely different healing...

Sorry, I know that's a bit of a gross way to start this off.
Perhaps if you view this not as a physical wound...
but in another way...

There are no two ways about it, wounds are not pretty! It's why many people can't even stand to look at another person's wound. They may turn their head if the person exposes it.

Sometimes you can have this wound and it can FINALLY start healing. You form a nice protective scab, but something happens or perhaps someone bumps into you and the scab gets torn off! Then, the pain floods in all over again as though it just happened. Bringing you back to that place of pain and anguish that you originally started with. 

Infection can set in. It can come when you least expect it and it come from pretty much anywhere! It will completely complicate the healing process in a disastrous way. Because, now, you're not only trying to heal a wound. You are trying to fight off another unwanted intruder! This only brings more fear and more uncertainty that you will EVER heal! Which is devastating when you consider the fact that healing happens best when people are under the least amount of stress.

People around you can be... interesting, when you are undergoing a healing process. There are the type of people who let you know that they feel you are "complaining too much"... "It's not THAT bad! Get over it! I had a worse wound than that and *I* didn't have as many issues as you seem to!".  Some people can actually make you feel like you are less of a person because of the fact that you even have the wound or the infection. Then of course there are the "advice givers" they come with all their pat answers of things you should do or people you need to go to for your healing. They appear to be concerned and offer help, but they aren't really there for you. The moment you don't want to take their advice, they disappear. Just waiting to watch you get worse.

Then you have the people who ARE the Healers in your life. They truly help you. Even if it may be hard to look at your wound, they do! They listen to all your struggles without offering the constant advice. They bring you food and sometimes flowers or little gifts. They help with your kids or your pets! They don't just offer the help, they give it! There might even be that special healer who will sit with you and remind you that it WILL heal! That the infection is not as horrendous as others make you feel it is. They may even get right in and help you clean the wound!!

It is because they care about... you!

Time. That is what is required for healing. Time and patience. Not everyone's timetable is the same. The neat thing about a wound healing though, is that once it really starts to mend... there is no stopping it! That sucker just keeps getting better and better! The body is such an amazing thing!

After all is said and done. You may be left with a scar. Your scar may fade pretty well and people might not see it. But you know it's there. It's not beautiful, but it's tough... it's not as sensitive as it used to be. It is a reminder of all you endured and all you came though to have that scar.

The True Healing manifests itself when you come away from your wound with more strength, more durability, more peace for the future and more empathy and ability to Help others as they deal with their own wounds.

I have Hope in the Healer. Jesus was a healer. I see the Spirit of Jesus in the people who have been Healers in my life. Which is interesting because a few of them would probably not refer to themselves as "Christians"...

Jesus used many different ways to heal people and each of these souls were left with a bonus gift... Faith. He would often tell people "Go in peace... your Faith has healed you!"

I have faith that healing does eventually come.
I have Hope that the healing process will produce more in me, that which in Scripture is known as
"The Greatest of these"....

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We have this Hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19