Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hope from the Solstice!

Today is the Winter Solstice. That means from today on, the days are going to get longer and longer!! Well, here is what Google taught me anyway...
"The moment when the Northern Hemisphere is pointed at its furthest distance from the sun. This means winter solstice boasts the longest night and the shortest day, and often colder temperatures, too.
But the good news? If you’re not a fan of winter, from each day on after the solstice, the days will get longer and warmer until the calendar hits summer solstice, June 21, 2015. Summer solstice marks the first day of summer, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere."

I don't even want to touch on the whole "Solstice vs. Christmas" crap. BAH HUMBUG!

I don't think I'm the only one who has been suffering from the early onset of Winter? I really have not been enjoying the fact that it is almost completely dark by 4:30pm! Normally in the Summer, this is the time that the pool is just getting nice and warm from the sun and we can begin swimming! Then go out again later after it gets dark...  9:30 PM!

I don't like to be depressed in the winter. Because winter is truly beautiful as well! Especially here in Wisconsin where the snow looks so lovely on the trees in the morning sun and when the full moon comes out it twinkles like diamonds under the starry night sky! It truly is a lovely season. Like all the seasons we are blessed with here in Wisconsin.

I think winter has been harder for me for the last few years for a number of reasons. Two winters ago, my Momma died from Cancer. Our family took care of her with Hospice in our parent's home and we watched her diminish and leave this earth in January and that was beyond hard.

The next winter I had a breast reduction surgery in November. Yes, I'm coming out with it! I have struggled with migraines and back spasms for many years and taking care of my little boy who needs extra physical help often, was not easy with what I constantly had in my way!

It's been a year since the surgery and I am happy to say that I have NOT had a migraine since the surgery and I have not suffered the back aches and spasms. However, the surgery wasn't perfect and I suffered a wound that would not heal. They found infection, a very "special" and resistant type called MRSA. I got that news right around Christmas time. So I basically spent my Winter, trying to heal and taking care of this horrible wound. I am now left with a nasty scar that I try not to be bothered by.
I actually wrote about that (and other wounds) at the time.
Hope in the Healing Blog

Frank and I joined a fitness club last winter to help with these winter blahs. I had much excitement to FINALLY be able to RUN! We went often and I was running!! For the first time since I was a young teen I think! Then I developed a new experience in pain called "Plantar Fasciitis". My doctor suggested I end my new running career until it heals completely. We became the typical Fitness Club Losers and didn't really go back. Since the year my Mom died, I've gained 30 lbs.

This winter also has it's horrible challenges with a brain tumor and a suicide in the family!
There is never a dull moment when you have a big family and love them terribly!

I share all this, not for sympathy and PLEASE, not for suggestions on how to make things better.  But because we ALL have challenges and often we can associate those challenges with seasons and times of year and certain traditions and celebrations.

There are also many good times too, aren't there!?

I had a wonderful weekend of being in the play "The Christmas Carol" with my dear husband playing Bob Cratchit and me playing Mrs. Cratchit! Frank and I haven't been able to do something like this since before Noah was born and we were on a church worship team together! So... about 12 years! But my dear Martha (Holly) was kind enough to offer to watch our Tiny Tim (Noah) so that Frank and I could do this! WHAT a GIFT! 

So, I wanted to write a bit about Solstice because Solstice... gives me HOPE! I am blessed to have some lovely Pagan friends (they don't even judge me because I believe in Jesus!) and they have been kind enough to share some of their gifts and traditions with me!

The idea of the Yule Log is that on the longest night of the year... you keep the fire burning!  The whole idea of "darkness and light" plays into SO MUCH of our human existence. I took some of the ideas that have been shared with me and I had my own little celebration last night!

I lit my Yule Log (aka a Pine Mountain 3 hour log) and I wrote down a list of all the "things of darkness" that I was ready to be DONE with. People who have hurt me, being bothered by my scar and my weight, worrying about Holly and Noah when I know I have no control, and all the other things I have no control over! My bad habits, and obsessive thoughts at times. Worrying about what people think of me and how they might judge me. This and more all written down in front of the fire. Then... placed in the fire.

Then, I made a list of "Things of the Light". The things I want to be; spiritual, open, a better Mother, a more loving and giving wife, a good friend, creative, fun. Also things I want to feel; trust in the good person I know my daugher IS while she goes through these crazy teen years! Peace, forgiveness, joy, love toward my enemies! The things I want to do; be ME, write more, help out when and where I can, lose weight...
This list is kept and will be planted under a blossom tree in the SPRING!

I love the Seasons, I love traditions and celebrations, I love the spiritual side to the scientific things that happen with our Earth!

I love and I HOPE. 

Merry Solstice.   



  1. I love the idea of your things of darkness being thrown in the fire, and things of light being planted and fostered. What a great and tangible example of how we ought to put to rest the things that the Devil takes and twists, contorts and whispers in our ears but then to aspire to be a better person and more in the image of God our Creator, Father, and Friend. I also love that our God takes us as we are just the same though and He truly does care for us. HOPE is a beautiful and necessary gift! Thanks for sharing this!


We have this Hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19